Coffee Mugs that are Best Kept in the Office

If you go to an office or about to start a job at a new place, you might have noticed that many people keep their coffee mugs there with them. Some put it on the table for display, and some keep them in the locker to keep it safe. Many people have permanent coffee mugs because they have love and strong affection for them for specific reasons, and some have it because they just love its design, print, or grip. If you are about to start working in a new office and want to buy a new coffee mug that displays some of your personality traits, then read below as we have collected some awesome, unusual and funny coffee mugs designs that are perfect for office use.

Photographer Coffee Mug:
Are you fond of photography, aesthetic images, or do you want to be a photographer? A beautiful photography coffee mug can be a fabulous showpiece on your office table. It could remind you about your passion and love for photography, and be used as a gift for a friend who wants to pursue a photographer’s career.

Periodic Table Coffee Mug:
Flaunt your love for science and chemistry by buying a coffee mug with a periodic table on it. Just because you don’t work a job related to Chemistry, it doesn’t mean you should forget about the love you have for Chemistry. You can also give this mug to any friends who are science geeks and love chemistry, so that they can start their day by reviewing the periodic table.

Gamer Coffee Mug:
It’s a perfect mug to show your love and passion for video games. It can look fabulous on your desk, be used whenever you want to drink coffee, and an incredible gift for your gaming partner.
The unique advantage of having a gaming mug on your desk is networking and making more gamer friends.

Pets loving Coffee Mugs:
Do you own a cat or a dog, and you adore them? A mug with the pet’s face and a quote on them are trendy among children and adults. Showing your love for animals shows how soft hearted you are and also displays your fun loving side. You can also use such coffee mugs as a pencil and marker holder.

Lovely Quotes Coffee Mugs:
Coffee mugs with lovely quotes on them are great for the office. The quote can be from your favorite author or favorite song lyrics. It can also be about beautiful nature, trees or animals.

Motivational Quote Mug:
A mug with a motivational quote on it is the best when it comes to finding the perfect coffee mug for the office. It can have your favorite motivational quote on it that inspires you and gets you moving every time you lay your eyes on it. It’s also an excellent gift for students working hard to get good grades in the exam. You can motivate them by giving them a mug that has motivational quotes related to hard work and success.