Different Types of Video Production

Video production is the process in which videos, similar to films, are produced. However, these videos are different from films in the sense that they consist of digital images instead of film stock. Presently, video is produced through electronic storage media through the SD Card. Video content is produced in similar formats such as .mpeg, .jpeg, .jpg, and other picture formats.

Styles of Video Production
The same filming style can be used for video production, since there are not many specific types of video production styles. In fact, the style of a video production changes according to the video content and message. So, video content creators have to compose and create a message in moments.

Types of Video Productions
There are different types of video production styles. The various types of video production are given below.

Entertainment Videos: Film and TV Production
This is the primary type of video production in which a large serial of drama or film is produced. Video production uses the latest technology of video film and TV production. This is the video production that is carried out for the sake of entertainment. Entertainment videos differ from each other in type, purpose, genre, and scope. Some of the prime examples of entertainment videos include YouTube videos, Netflix videos, online movies, and others.

Educational Videos
With the emergence of social media and online learning platforms, educational videos came about. Educational videos are a fantastic way to promote the learning of new concepts and ideas. Educational videos are the perfect tool for teaching a particular topic using sound and sight. A video enables the student to retain information about a topic more easily. According to multi modal learning, the comprehension and retention of new ideas are increased. The top example of educational videos is the educational channels airing videos on YouTube.

Promotional Videos
This is an excellent way to promote knowledge regarding the usefulness of a product. No matter the kind of product, a promotional video helps the product in reaching the right target audience. Promotional video types alternate owing to the demands of the modern user. These are the short-length videos that are packed with relevant and engaging information.

Informational and Knowledgeable Videos
This is the perfect video that diffuses information regarding a topic succinctly. You can take an example of the newscaster, who goes from one story to another. These videos are mainly descriptive, which discusses the “what” aspect of the topic. Informational videos can be wide in length. This type of video production is practiced by journalists mostly. It describes to you the news and information of current times. Examples of these video productions include informational news videos, streaming videos, public service announcements, and more.

Documentary Films
These are the excellent lengthy videos that discuss a few aspects of reality. It uses reality videos in order to discuss the historical facts, define the purpose of instruction as well as education.

These are some of the most famous types of video production Singapore and other cities are famous for. You will find videos falling in any of the above categories.