Great Places for T Shirt Printing in Singapore

T shirts are one of the most popular types of clothes in a hot and humid country like Singapore. Temperatures in Singapore can reach upwards of thirty degrees Celsius each day, so donning t shirts have become popular among the people there. T shirts can be worn for many occasions including school lessons such as physical education (PE) and co-curricular activities (CCA), sport events, casual wear and even holiday trips.

Nowadays, there is an Increasing trend to print designs onto t shirts, not just among the youth, but companies, organisations, and workplaces as well. The rationale behind t shirt printing is to show unity, leave behind memories, and personalise the shirts for each individual. With this increased popularity, where do you get your t shirts printed with designs? Read the rest of this article to discover great places for t shirt printing in Singapore.

Imprint is an experienced shirt printing, located at 21 Bukit Batok Crescent, Wcega Tower, #27-76, in the western part of Singapore. It has nearly a decade of experience in the shirt printing niche, and has provided their services to various types of clients. Their clientele range from major corporations, blue chip companies, small medium enterprises (SMEs), to schools, polytechnics and universities.

Imprint started out as a simple printing company nearly ten years ago, but has since established themselves as one of the behemoths in the industry. This can be attributed to the top notch customer service they provide to every single one of their clients, and in return, their clients have recognised their efforts and propel them to where they are today.

Imprint is known for their extraordinary service in taking any apparel from scratch, and being able to customise it according to the needs, budget and requirements of the clients. On top of that, their staff are highly skilled at attending to their customers’ needs, to provide an overall satisfying experience.

To engage Imprint’s services, you simply need to go to their website and engage their sales executives either through email or Whatsapp messaging. Next, choose your preferred products and materials from their huge catalogue. Subsequently, their sales executives will send you a reasonable quotation, and if it is to your liking, you can make your order. Once the order is ready, you will be able to receive the printed t shirts.

SWS Apparels Printing
SWS Apparels Printing is another popular company that deals with high quality t shirt printing. They are known for their outstanding service, as evident by the high ranking of 4.9 over 5.0 on their Facebook page. Like Imprint, SWS Apparels Printing also has numerous years of experience in the shirt printing industry, and has served countless number of satisfied clients. Their t shirt printing services include t shirts for schools, events, companies, CCA, and so much more. They can easily incorporate logos, emblems and specified designs into the printed shirts to suit the company, school and organisation’s needs. They utilise various methods of printing, according to the logo and items that the clients choose.