Know More About yourself for Success

Do you know that if you know more about yourself, you can achieve better degrees of success? You know your own shortcomings. You know your own faults. You know your own weaknesses. But you must also know your own qualities. Your own strengths. Your own boundaries and limits of abilities. People may lament the lack of opportunities that are presented to them and the abundance of opportunities presented to those other than themselves.

That may be the case, but you must not cripple yourself by this fact. Make the very most of your strengths. Very soon you will realise that your strengths increase, your sphere of power expands and more opportunities will manifest in your life.

Life teaches every single person his or her own unique lessons – no matter how long these lessons may take. There is no such thing as a stupid person. You must always do your best in whatever that is occupying you now, then expect the best from others, without being exceedingly demanding.

Be kind and generous in showing every person’s capability in achieving. Everyone around you is both a Teacher and a Student to you. Some may be ungrateful or do not recognise that you are teaching them. Continue to encourage the best in others. In this way, you encourage yourself too.

Fear, doubt, worry, disbelief. These are all naturally human traits. The hero who has no fear, who is free of doubts, who does not worry and is never disbelieving of his abilities is no hero. Every real hero in history has felt fear gripping their hearts before a terrible test. Every real hero in history has made errors of judgement. Every real hero in history has undertaken a Journey that was not truly his own. Every real hero in history has suffered, worried and fretted over the smallest of things. But no hero in history has ever lost hope. So, do not lose hope in yourself.