Things to Know Before Making a Mid Career Switch

The year 2020 has given us a lot of time for reflection. With the world seeming to shut down, many people are forced to stay inside their houses. Suddenly, many people have all these time on their hands and very little things to do.

Because of this, one might think of career transition. One common reason why employees leave their current job is because of limited career growth opportunities for them in that company. It is human nature to seek improvement. A person will always seek a place where he or she is highly valued.

But of course, before changing careers, especially when you are doing a drastic change, you must evaluate the situation carefully. This requires deep reflections, good guidance, and courage before jumping into a transition of careers. So here are the things that you might need to know before making a mid career switch.

You need to ask yourself, what are your professional goals? It is always better to have a clear goal before jumping in to change. Because with clear goals, the path to your professional growth would also be clearer. This can be easy for some people, however, there are some people out there who are still struggling with defining their goals.

There are institutes out there that offer career guidance for you. They will use a profiling tool to identify your skills and personality. Once they have identified this for you, you can talk to their mentors and coaches so that they can give you proper advice and guidance as to which is the better path for you, depending on your interest.

Industry to work with
Of course, you need to know about the industry that you are planning to transfer to. Like transferring to another house, you want to know how the environment in that industry is. You need to know how you can leverage yourself especially if you are new to that industry. You might have a lot of experiences but is it relevant to that industry?

Once you have been profiled and got the advice that you need, they might suggest some industries to you as an option. It is always better to do your research. Online information about different industries are easily available. You can also have a chat with someone who is already in the industry that you want to venture into. Get their first-hand experience stories so that you would know the pros and cons.

Skills needed
With the research that you have done, you would know the essential skills that you need for the job that you want to transfer to. Then you will evaluate, do you have the skill? If not, can you teach yourself those skills needed? Or are you willing to take all the necessary training to be good at those skills? It is important for you to equip yourself with these new skills if you want to have some leverage or at least level with the competition in any industry.

For Singapore job seekers, there are websites that you can check so that you are guided with your career path as well as the skills needed for that career. Just always remember that before making any huge leap, you need to do your research first.