When do you Need a MacBook Pro Battery Replacement?

When you own your laptop for a while, you need to think about a battery replacement. The reason is simple, a laptop battery can last for a while, but at one point it will offer less and less energy. At that point, it makes sense to just replace it with a new one. This can be a tad difficult on a MacBook, considering how they don’t offer easy access to the internals.

How much time will a MacBook battery last?
This all depends on your MacBook and when it was created. Just like any other company, Apple is known to improve their batteries from time to time. As a result, a newer battery will offer more battery cycles than an older one, even if the latter was never used before. It’s important to note that most MacBook batteries have 300 to 1000 recharge cycles, depending on the model.

1000 charges are a lot, but if you use the unit every day, that’s around 3 years of almost daily use. Of course, this is for the higher end units. The lower end ones have way less charges. It makes sense to go for that type of laptop if you just use it from time to time. But if you are on a low budget and go with a laptop that needs some charges, you want to have a MacBook pro battery replacement done from time to time.

Should you work with a professional or attempt this yourself?
DIY MacBook pro battery replacement is not recommended, unless you have an engineering background. Either that, or some experience with electronic repairs. Working with an expert is a much better idea, because they will find it easy to replace the battery. Plus, they have all the tools needed to solve this process. Make sure that you test out the battery to ensure that it works exactly the way you want, so consider it as much as possible. Working with a professional is important because a few MacBook batteries were known to explode. This process can be risky, so you might as well want to tackle it accordingly.

Do I need to replace the battery on a newer MacBook?
If the battery is defective and it doesn’t last that much time, you may want to take advantage of the warranty system. Apple will most likely replace it for you. But if you’re not within the warranty time anymore, then it makes sense to go for a MacBook pro battery replacement at a local shop.

MacBook pro battery replacement is needed from time to time, especially if your MacBook went past the recommended recharge cycles. You can find how many recharge cycles are still available within the operating system, in the battery management panel. It’s important to avoid any rush and remember, proper battery replacement can help you keep using the same laptop in the long run. Take that into account, perform the MacBook pro battery replacement and you will breathe new life into your older laptop in no time!